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Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Health insurance comes in all shapes and sizes and the type of plans and coverage you can get varies from who you are and how much you are looking for. The shopping process may come with many questions, and in order to accommodate these, we have made a specific section devoted to answering real consumer questions. Knowing this information will trigger you to want to get covered right away.

Is a Group Plan Cheaper?

When it comes to different policies and plans, there are always cheaper options than others. One of the ways that you can essentially save money on a plan is by getting a group rate on it. Group rates are designed for people with families who would like to all get the same coverage and policy. There are many options that can accommodate your desire to get a group plan and rate. You should ask your carrier how you can save money by getting a group policy.

Are There Certain Doctors I Must Use?

When you get a policy, there are certain doctors that accept specific coverage and not other types. In order to know if the doctor you are using accepts your policy, you can ask the doctor's office and typically have to fill out information prior to treatment to make sure you are indeed eligible for treatment. Also, if your doctor does not accept the one that you have, your provider can give you a list of places that do accept it.

How Much Do I Need?

Before you dive into getting coverage for yourself, you may want to consider how much you need and what type of protection you are looking for. In fact, you may already have some benefits provided to you by your employer. Many companies actually provide their employees with insurance as part of the perks of working there. So, take the time to sit and think about what kinds of coverage would be best for you before you actually choose a specific product. If you still have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.